Always remain in plain sight!

Always remain in plain sight!

Through customized E-Mail and SMS Campaigns designed for them, you can always keep your whole network of customers and leads posted on the recent developments at your company.

(E Mail Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Workflow Notifications)

E Mail Campaigns

Using tools that include features as pre-designed templates, drag’n’drop editor, easy list management makes e-mail marketing as easy as possible.

Customized E Mail Campaigns

Make your messages more dynamic and engaging, this way each subscriber will feel that the message is written only for him.

Permission Based Email Marketing

By managing the permission given by subscribers, get a much higher engagement rate. Send your email campaigns only to those who opt to receive them.

SMS Campaigns

With SMS Campaigns, you can create effortless, quick and effective marketing campaigns. With the help of advanced filtering, send your clients SMS’ suitable for their needs.

E-Mail and SMS Notifications Based on Workflow

You don’t need to waste more time when it comes to notifying customers. Through filters and planned tasks, you can notify your customers right away on the updates on workflow such as the contracts due to be renewed, changes in the processes and so on.

Dynamic Website

Through Heat Maps and Visitor Interest Analyzes, keep your website constantly dynamic. Find out what your customers specifically need without any effort.





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