Digitalizing Project Management Processes

Turn obstacles that come with project management into advantages!

For an efficient and effective project management, you can digitalize follow-up of tasks, costs and in-team communication processes. This way, you can organize the fundamental processes that need to be planned carefully for the timely organization of workflow, such as planning, assigning, Funds management, coworking processes, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Besides, you can follow up processes in real-time from project boards and declare short-term targets, this way you will become agile enough to be responding to the changes.

(Project Management, Agile Project Management, Follow-Up of Tasks and Costs)

Planning and Tracking

With the help of our project management products, plan the milestones of your projects, task lists and tasks easily online.

Gantt Charts

With the help of Gannt Charts, view the in-project and intra-projects tasks and milestones in one and manage them in one.

Seamless Collaboration

Seamlessly manage in-team communication and collaboration online, one project at a time. Keep in contact with customers, employees, suppliers and project partners.

Tracking Time

You can keep track of time and funds spent during project tasks and manage the two, this way you will have control over resources spent project-based.

Document Management

During each project, you can share your documents with project partners right away and store them online. You will have control over different versions of documents through Online Document Management.

Tracking Costs

You can keep the track of costs during each project and classify them. This way you can manage and evaluate the profitability of the project.



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