Digitalizing the Sales Processes

Manage the whole sales process from a single effective point!

Benefiting from digital solutions for sales processes will earn you pace, time and efficiency when recording and following up the stages between when your client was just a lead and when the deal was closed. Moreover, these digital solutions will help you develop more meaningful and effective strategies for your new leads by detecting recurring similar patterns.

(Customer Relations Management, Tracking Visitors, Live Chat, Call Center)

Getting and Tracking Leads

Get the leads by using your communication channels effectively! The success of your marketing solutions is determined by the useful lead information they provide you. With digital solutions, you can manage the channels to find leads efficiently. Also, you can fastly gather leads interested in your products on your CRM system and categorize them by scoring.

(Google Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, Call Center, Card Reader, Live chat, web forms, Lead Scoring, Assignment Rules, Social Media Automation)

Website Visitor Tracking

Track the website visitors and their activites on the website simultaneously and contact them when needed.

Live Chat

Respond to requests and inquiries right away from anywhere through the tools that enable you to communicate with leads visiting your website on your phone or computer.

Campaign Management - Google Ads and Facebook Lead Ads

You can follow up how much attention your Google Ads campaign or campaigns to be released on other social media platforms get, how much it converts to profit and also the efficiency of your strategies on your CRM system.

The Follow-Up of Sales Opportunities

Manage your sales opportunities in the best way!

Following up in real-time how your leads reacted to the engagement you had with them through e-mail, phone, surveys and social media will earn you benefit in setting your priorities straight and managing them. You can view all stages of the sales process from one panel and develop efficient methods for sales agents to realize their targets based on scores and location of leads. Most importantly, following up your whole digital process through mobile apps will allow you to work whenever and wherever you are.

(Sales Signals, Targets, Offers, Mobile Access)

Mobile Application

CRM and Mail systems being based on mobile-supported products will allow you to access your data from anywhere, anytime and follow up your tasks from afar.

Sales Notifications - Sales Signals

Did one of your leads or customers open your email? Did any of them take interest in one of your campaigns? Or did they engage with your company on social media in any way? Thanks to CRM system, you can be aware of your network’s activities in relation to your company in an instant.

Sales Targets - Forecasting

You can set the targets you want your company and sales agents to reach in upcoming periods, also you can view performance analyses filtered by region, agent and so on through the tools you follow. Besides, you can get the instant insights for implementing better sales strategies.

Offer Automation and Follow-up of Offers

With the offer templates you will create on behalf of your company, you can effortlessly create offer documents on your mobile devices or computer and send them to the customers with just one click. You can also follow up all offer processes.

The Follow-Up of Offer Versions

You can follow up the varied versions of offers by recording the details of offers you forwarded to customers.

Automatical Official Offers

By using official offer templates of your company,you can let the system produce the official offers automatically instead of you preparing them as a person. This will save a lot of time during the offer process.

Mobile Offers

Even when on mobile, you can effortlessly prepare offers on the system and make it fit the official corporate template, then with just one click forward to the customers.







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